[all images taken on 35mm film unless stated otherwise]

Don’t Hold My Hand touches upon the feelings of the end of one chapter, and the bollosoming of a new one. The fear of losing security, yet the excitement of letting go; no longer needing a hand to show you the way, because you’re figuring it out yourself.

Model: Noé Cassi
MUA: Peggy Larock

Reality Continued  explores the fragile relationship between fantasy and reality expressed through the combination of the subdued and elegance.

CD/Photographers: Alexa Bortz & Andrea Loupis
Models: Dee Geyser & Mziyanda Malgas
MUA: Juliana Ali
Clothing: Nevernew Store
Styling: Alexa Bortz

Our plastic consuption is a never ending cycle.
Only once this cycle has been broken can we free ourselves of its suffocating grip.



CD/Photographers: Alexa Bortz & Andrea Loupis
Models: Devon Massey & Sisipho Graham

A visulization of the process of inner change

Model: Mia Berman